New V-Cinema, “Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: Ninnin Girls vs. Boys Final Wars” Announced


Coming from Crunchyroll of all places, a new V-Cinema for the current Super Sentai series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger has been announced.

There are no plot details as of yet, but it has been announced that this movie will be direct-to-video in both Blu-Ray and DVD, due to release June 22, 2016. Three versions have been announced: Standard, “Super Complete Edition”, and “Super Complete + Nin-Shuriken”. The “Super Complete Edition” will include a 100-page booklet, whereas the latter option will include this plus an exclusive Nin-Shuriken, as the name suggests.

As mentioned before, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: Ninnin Girls vs Boys Final Wars will release June 22, 2016 and will retail between 4500 Yen to 9500 Yen, depending on which edition you purchase.

You can see the original article on Crunchyroll HERE.


MMPR Zyu Part Deux

So, Jeff Pruitt, former MMPR stunt coordinator has done it again! More Zyu2 footage was posted on his Youtube channel (sans audio) for RangerNation to bask in its pure footage-ness.

Many thanks, again, to Jeff Pruitt! Hip Hip Hoorah!

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Preview – “Love is in the Air”

In this preview, monsters are sent down to Earth! Levira has fallen for Jake! Why is she smitten for our black and green-clad hero? And why has the Gosei Morpher made yet another appearance? Find out on this Saturday’s episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce!

Special thanks to RangerCrew for posting!

Original article on the RangerCrew blog:

Happy Birthday, Selwyn Ward!

Shift into birthdays! Today, we celebrate the birthday of Selwyn Ward aka TJ, 2nd Red Turbo Ranger and Blue Space Ranger!


♪♫Selwyn Ward! The first black leader of the Power Raaaaangerrrrrrs!♫♪ (Image of Selwyn courtesy of Black Nerd Rants)

Happy birthday, Selwyn, from all of us at The Monkie Grid!

Super Mega Birthday Bonanzaganza!

We have quite a few birthdays to celebrate today! Let’s get to it!


Blake Foster aka Justin, the Blue Turbo Ranger!


Chris Violette aka Sky, S.P.D. Blue Ranger!


Robert Axelrod, voice actor for Finster and Lord Zedd!


Steve Cardenas aka Rocky, 2nd Mighty Morphin’ Red Ranger and Zeo Ranger II Blue!

Happy birthday, guys, from all of us at The Monkie Grid!