Super Megaforce Toy Listings on ToyWiz and Amazon

In an update from RangerCrew, it was discovered that ToyWiz has listed new Super Megaforce toys on both their own website and As the dust settled on all of the amazing news, we here at The Monkie Grid decided to give everyone a heads-up on pricing! Keep in mind that these aren’t ToyWiz-exclusive, but for now, it seems they’re the only seller with these items.

See the goods after the jump!

Zord Builder

The following toys include the Zord Builder feature.

Wild Force Lion

Price: $39.99

Includes Wild Force Red Ranger Key

Delta Runner Zord

Price: $23.99

Includes Super Megaforce Blue Ranger and SPD Red Ranger Key

Mystic Dragon Zord

Price: $23.99

Includes Super Megaforce Green Ranger and Red Mystic Force Ranger Key

Zeo Racer Zord

Price: $23.99

Includes Super Megaforce Red Ranger and Red Zeo Ranger Key

Super Megaforce Cycles

Price: $19.99

Lost Galaxy Cycle and Red Ranger

Time Force Cycle and Blue Ranger

Lightspeed Rescue Cycle and Green Ranger

The following are part of the role play sets

Super Megaforce Ranger Masks

Red Ranger Mask

Price: $12.99

Blue Ranger Mask

Price: $13.99

Green Ranger Mask

Price: $14.99

Deluxe Super Megaforce Blaster

Price: $29.99

Hero Sets

Red Ranger Hero Set

Price: $29.99

Blue Ranger Hero Set

Price: $33.99

You can find all of this and more on RangerCrew’s Blog!


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